When selecting your ribbon it is important to note what label material you want to print on and the brand of printer you are using.

Thermal Transfer ribbons come in numerous lengths and widths suitable for all brands of label/receipt printers. They also come in three compound groups, WAX, WAX RESIN and RESIN.

If you are not certain as to what type of ribbon you need use for your project let us know what printer you are using and what label material you are printing onto and we will provide the correct blend of label and ribbon.

We also provide the ribbons in various lengths and widths.

WAX Ribbon

This compound of ribbon is generally used to print on matt and coated paper labels and is great for printing at high speeds. This compound is not recommended if the label is exposed to abrasive environment or if there is a risk of exposure to some chemicals.


The wax/resin compound offers a stronger resistance to abrasive and some chemical environments. It also allows for printing on not only the Matt and Coated paper labels but will also print on most synthetic label materials including thermal sensitive varnishes.

RESIN Ribbon

The Resin compound is highly suited for printing on Synthetics stocks like .... Polypropylene, Polyester and Thermal sensitive varnishes. It is recommended for use whereby the label is exposed to harsh environments such as abrasive conditions, most chemicals and the extreme weather.