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Wavecom Printers & Media is a department of Wavecom Instruments, which was established in 1993 and is based in Adelaide, Australia. They are a leading supplier of quality electrical test & measurement instruments. Wavecom Instruments specialises in providing electrical test and measurement solutions in accordance with necessary Australian National and State standards and legislations. Recognised as market leaders in portable appliance testers, Wavecom Instruments are a major participant in the development, manufacturing and distribution of these products.

Through our extensive network of resellers & wholesalers Wavecom Instruments is a primary supplier to the Australian & New Zealand electrical Industry. We are proudly an Australian owned and operated company who manufacture our portable electrical testing equipment right here in Adelaide.


Wavecom Instruments have been incorporating TSC label printers in their electrical testing units for some time now. Because of our firsthand experience in using the TSC printers we have found them to be efficient and reliable. As a result of the proven confidence in the TSC printer range, Wavecom Instruments created their Printer and Media Division with the view to service the printer, label and thermal ribbon sector.

This has resulted in Wavecom Printer and Media being recognized as a fully endorsed TSC distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand. As an authorized distributor we sell and service the full range of TSC direct thermal and thermal transfer printers suitable for Desk Top, Industrial and Portable environments.

Labels and Ribbons

Wavecom Printers and Media division supply thermal labels or labels made from matt or gloss papers, polypropylene or polyester materials. Just let us know the size and how many you require and we will do the rest.

Wavecom Printers & Media division make available to you the services of our experienced staff to help advise you on what combination of ribbons and labels that will best suit the printer of your choice.

Wavecom Printers and Media Division and Wavecom Instruments are committed to world class customer service. We are aware that the reliability of our products depends not only on quality manufacturing, continued process improvement and innovative design, but also the quality of back up that we provide to our customers.